Wilket Creek Park

Visit Wilket Creek Park and Don Mills Trail

Explore wilderness within the city

Wilket Creek Park is in a valley that lies west of Leslie Street, just south of Edward's Gardens at Lawrence Ave. The trail is 2 km in length and features a paved path, a creek, and mature deciduous trees. 

Black dog standing in front of Wilket Creek in the Wilket Creek Park, Toronto.

The park is stunning in the fall when the leaves change colour.

Photo of Wilket Creek in the fall when the leaves are colourful. Photo taken in November 2019.


There are several places where you can start your hike in Wilket Creek Park. My suggestion is to park at the southern entrance, 1132 Leslie Street, Toronto. This is near the Crosstown construction on Eglinton. At the end of the blog, I give a few other parking spots in case you wish to avoid this area until they are finished.

Sign of the entrance to the Wilket Creek Park at Leslie and Eglinton, Toronto

Park at the first parking lot on the right when you enter the park via Leslie Street.

Google map showing the entrance and parking lot for Wilket Creek Park.

Suggested Route

Go down the steps from the northwest end of the parking lot to begin the suggested route.

Stairs from the parking lot to the start of the Wilket Creek Trail.

Washroom in Wilket Creek Park.

Walk north along the paved path until you reach Edward's Gardens.

Map showing the suggested route for this hike.


Some of the bridges along this trail were rebuilt after the summer storm in 2005.

Black dog looking over a bridge in Wilket Creek Park.

You can still see the erosion caused by the floods experienced after that storm.

Erosion along Wilket Creek.

The creek is shallow in many parts, so your dog may ask for a chance to get wet.

Dog playing in Wilket Creek.

Off-Leash Opportunities

Like most parks in Toronto, it is not legal to have your dog off-leash. There may be short opportunities for you to let your dog off if you're willing to risk a fine. Be sure the park isn't too crowded with cyclists, joggers, or walkers. And, be sure you're able to get your dog on the leash quickly when needed.

Winter and Spring Hiking

The paths are not maintained during the winter, and when it thaws, the trails become very dangerous with ice. I suggest you wear water-proof footwear and have icers (spikes) that you can put on your boots to walk on the ice without falling. 


As usual, I hear more birds than I see when walking in the ravines of Toronto. I was able to spot a few birds getting a meal at bird feeders that were set up along the trail.

Bird feeders in Wilket Creek Park.

Cardinal in Wilket Creek Park.

Edward's Gardens

The north entrance of the park is next to the beautiful, former estate garden called Edward's Gardens. This is a popular place for wedding photos, and it used to be open to people with dogs. That changed recently, so if you have a dog, you must either turn back or go up to the parking lot.

Sign showing the entrance of Edward's Gardens from Wilket Creek Park.

My suggestion is to go to the parking lot at the corner of Leslie Street and Lawrence Ave to continue the walk.

Sign showing left for Edward's Gardens and right to the Lawrence Ave Parking lot.

When we visited during the first week of March, we were greeted by two black beauties who look similar to Lucy.

Three black dogs.

And a lovely snow lady who doesn't have much time left in this world.

The last days of a snow-woman in Wilket Creek Park. Photo taken March 3, 2020

Just before the parking lot, you can see signs for Edward's Gardens and the Toronto Botanical Garden's. The posters give the history of the park and information on the species of plants and birds you might encounter.

Signs with information about history, plants and birds in the park.

Walk the short distance on sidewalks to the entrance of the Don Mills Trail.

Map showing directions from the Edward's Garden parking lot to the Don Mills Trail.

The Don Mills Trail

Walk south (turn right) on the Don Mills Trail.

Dog running next to the sign for the Don Mills Trail.

You'll see why I think this trail is boring: it is so flat and straight. But, despite being flat and straight, it connects many great parks and will be extended in the future to make the trail even more valuable.

Black dog standing on the Don Mills Trail which is flat and straight.

Several of the businesses next to this part of the trail have openings in the fence that makes it easy for employees to commute to work via the path or to take an excellent lunchtime hike.

At Overland Drive, you'll see a sign that the trail dead-ends in 900 meters, but ignore that sign.

Intersection on the Don Mills Trail at Overland Drive.

The trail does have an exit which will bring you back to the parking lot where you started.

Entrance to the unofficial path from the end of the Don Mills Trail to Leslie Street.

Turn right onto the unofficial trail that lies between a construction site and the OTT Financial building. This takes you to Leslie Street, a short distance from a crosswalk.

Unofficial path from dead-end part of the Don Mills trail between OTT Financial and a construction site.

Turn left on Leslie Street and walk south. Walk past the Fire Station and cross at the crosswalk.

Firestation across from Wilket Creek Park.

Walk south a bit more to reach the park entrance and your car.

Alternate starting points

Not too long ago, I would have suggested you park in the lot at Edward's Gardens, but they now charge for parking.

Parking meter in Edward's Garden's parking lot.

You could also make a nice loop from Sunnybrook Park through Wilket Creek. There are side trails that connect the two parks.

You could also start your walk by parking at Bond Park. This will add roughly 3 km to the hike I've described.

More trails to explore

Read Windfield's Park for another hike along Wilket Creek.
Read Don Mills Trail to Shops on Don Mills if you want to visit a trendy shopping area for a beverage and snack.


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