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Hiking in the Time of Covid-19

Stay Home, Stay Well Toronto is Closed The reality of the Corona Virus hit home around the time it was announced that schools would be closed for two additional weeks following March Break. Our Duty Then came the daily updates from our Prime Minister, Premier, and Mayor. And their message was clear: we all must stay home to help flatten the curve. By staying home and isolating from others, we'll be able to avoid getting the virus and passing it on to others. Isolation is Hard It's hard to isolate. Humans are social beings, and it's unnatural to be alone. And some people think the situation is overblown and don't think they will cause harm. In any case, we now have many infected people, and the rules are getting stricter. Dog Parks are Closed As of now, all playgrounds, dog parks, and other city amenities are closed. If you are caught using these shared spaces, you could be fined. Some of the rules may not make sense, but if it helps save lives, it&#