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Bestview Park Nature Trails

The parkland south of Steeles Ave between Bayview Ave and Leslie Street is a huge area with many trails. One trail follows the Don River, and another follows the tributary, German Mills Creek. The trails immediately behind the tennis courts are known as Bestview Park Nature Trails.  Parking Park near the  Steelesview Public School  at 105 Bestview Drive. Park on the street or use the spots at the school when it is closed.  Suggested Routes These trails are difficult to describe since none of them are marked. To make it clearer, I've separated the trail descriptions into three parts, as indicated by the numbers on the map. From Bestview Ave, follow the paved path between the tennis courts and the children's playground to the first bridge. This is the spot where the German Mills Creek flows into the Don River and is where our routes split into 1) right to St. Joes, 2) straight to Cummer, and 3) left to Leslie Street and a loop back to Bestview Park. Saint Joe's Turn right jus

Bob Hunter Memorial Park - Monarch Trail

The Bob Hunter Memorial Park is part of the Rouge Urban National Park. It opened in 2006 and is named in honour of Robert Hunter, one of Greenpeace's founders. The 500 acres of land that makes up the park is owned by the province of Ontario. The park is located just north of the Toronto Zoo at Reesor Road and 14th Ave in Markham. Four trails are accessible from the main parking area on 14th Ave in Markham. See a previous blog about the Reesorway and Tanglewood trails . This blog documents the Monarch Trail. Monarch Trail The Monarch trail takes you through reclaimed wetlands, a cedar forest and white pine stand next to the Little Rouge River. The trail is 5.5 km in length and is easy to follow, despite the lack of signs. If you use MapMyWalk, follow our trail: . Parking  There is a large parking lot, toilets, seating area, and signage at the park's main entrance: 7277 14th Ave, Markham. Trailhead  Start the hike on the trail behind