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Altona Forest

Altona is a beautiful mature forest in Pickering near the Rouge National Urban Parks. Besides the dense forest, there is a beaver pond and extensive wetlands. There are two trails in Altona Forest for a total distance of 5 km. The trails were established in the 1980s with four access points, clear trail markings, along detailed maps and signage. Lacey's Pond The section most frequented in Altona Forest is Lacey's Pond. Although smaller than it was originally, it has been restored and is now protected.  You can explore the pond's activity from a safe distance by standing on the bridge or the deck built into the pond. You'll stay dry, and the life in the pond will not be damaged. Beavers For me, Altona Forest's highlight is the beaver habitat with the chance to see a beaver or two. The beavers seem accustomed to having people watch them while they swim, eat, or do chores. We've been told that there are three beavers in Lacey's Pond, but we've only seen one