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Bob Hunter Memorial - Reesorway / Tanglewood Trail

The Bob Hunter Memorial Park is part of the Rouge National Urban Park.  It is located just north of Toronto at 14th Ave and Reesor Road in Markham. Parking Park at the trailhead located at  7277 14th Ave, Markham, ON . At this parking location, there is a washroom, signage, and a resting area. History From Wikipedia , I learned that  Bob Hunter Memorial Park is a greenspace preserve in Markham, Ontario, Canada. It is named in honour of Robert Hunter, one of the founders of Greenpeace. The park was officially opened in August 2006. There are four trails: Tanglewood, Reesor Way, Tallgrass Trek and Monarch.  We hiked the Reesor Way / Tanglewood Trail, a 3.3 km loop that passes through a young forest to a more mature forest next to the Little Rouge River.  Suggested Hike I used UnderArmor MapMyWalk to record the route we took. If you use the app, follow our route . Young Forest If you walk the route counter-clockwise, the first section you'll hike through is a young forest. Tree planti

Enjoy the Holidays with a Hike

  Happy Holidays as we end 2020 with another lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Like many, we’ve been separated from our family for the holidays. We turn to nature and hiking to refresh and for stress-relief. Throughout 2020, Lucy and I have been documenting our hikes so you can get outside to explore the trails and parks in Toronto.  Use this table to find a trail to hike in Toronto. The rows are sorted by Neighbourhood and then by Trail Name. Click the link to take you to the blog entry that gives details on what to expect from the trail, including where to park, a suggested route to take, length of the trail, and more.  Trail Name  Toronto Neighbourhood / Ward Name Trail Length Off-Leash Dog Park Lake, River East Don River - Sheppard to Finch Bayview Village 7.5 km Don River Todmorden Mills to Chester Hill Lookout Broadview North 5 km Don River Bluffer Park and Marina Cliffcrest Scarborough 4 km Lake Ontario Bluffers Beach Cliffcrest Scarborough 5 km Lake Ontario Bluffers Beach