Rouge Park Woodland Trail

The Rouge Park Woodland Trail is one of the lesser-known trails in the Rouge Urban National Park. 

Mature forest found on the Rouge River Woodland Trail

Several trails take you through a beautiful forest and along the Little Rouge River. The 2 km trail is marked with green signs. The longer trails are not marked but are easy to find.

Follow the Woodland signs posted on trees for the short loop

Signs at the trail head of the Woodland Trail


The parking area is located at 19 Reesor Road. The lot is small, so if it's full, see if you can find a spot on the shoulder of Reesor Road.

Google map of the Woodland Trail

The Trail

Our actual 3 km route is shown in the map from the UnderArmor MapMyWalk App. If you use this app, find our route:

Map from MapMyWalk app showing the 3 km loop

The longer 5 km route takes you up a steep hill to a flat area closer to Reesor Road. If you use this app, find our route:

Map of 5 km route shown in UA MapMayWalk App

The beginning part of the trail is lined with rocks.

Dogs playing on the Woodland Trail

Well-worn footpaths follow the river. Be careful as the trail is very close to the riverbank that is eroding.

Little Rouge River next to the Woodland Trail

You'll get great views of the river with a few spots that dogs can easily access for a drink or swim.

Trail next to the Little Rouge River on the Woodland Trail

We saw a woodpecker on our hike and noticed a few birdhouses along the trail.

Woodpecker seen on the Woodland Trail

Lucy especially likes to run through the forest on the hills. The natural obstacles give her the challenge she needs as a mountain dog.

Forest on a hill to the upper section of the trail

You'll find a flat trail that travels south parallel to Reesor Road at the top of the hill. On some maps, the trail seems to go all the way to Meadowvale Road, but we haven't explored past the hydro field.

Flatter trail at the top of the hill

Just before we got back to the parking lot there is a seating area. Or, in Lucy's case, a place to practice jumping up and posing for a photo.

Lucy standing on a railing to pose for a photo

Off-Leash Opportunities

Lucy was able to do the entire hike off-leash since we were hiking on a day with very few people, and she stays very close to me.

Explore more trails in the Rouge Urban National Park

See our blog entries for these trails:


Enjoy your hike! When you post photos to Instagram, tag us at @hikingtoronto or #hikingtorontowithlucy.


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