Sherwood Park Off-Leash Paradise

Sherwood Park is located in mid-town Toronto between Bayview Ave and Mount Pleasant Road, north of Eglinton Ave. The city built Toronto's best off-leashed dog playground in the ravine. Dogs can run free through the forest and access Burke Brook.

Pack of dogs playing in Sherwood Park Off-Leash Paradise

Despite the large number of dogs who visit the park, it is very clean and frequented by non-dog owners jogging or walking through the fenced-in area. 

Sign in Sherwood Park Off-Leash Paradise Sign in Sherwood Off-Leash Dog Park


There is a free parking lot at 160 Sherwood Ave as well as street-parking on Blythwood Road.  

Parking lot for Sherwood Park, Toronto

Suggested Route

It's a pretty straightforward trail. To explore every path, turn left whenever there is a choice to be made. The trail through the dog park is 2 km in length.

Suggested route for hike in Sherwood Park Off-Leash Paradise

The path is paved or decked, so it is clean and usually wide-enough to keep your distance from other people. 

Starting point in Sherwood Park Off-Leash Paradise

The off-leash area is fenced, so your dog is unable to go on roads or private property.

Gates in Sherwood Park Off-Leash Paradise

Dog racing up a hill in Sherwood Park Off-Leash Paradise

It's hilly, so there is plenty of variety for you and your dog.

Forest Trails in Sherwood Park Off-Leash Paradise

Parts of the forest are fenced to protect environmentally significant areas. Determined dogs find their way into these areas to chase squirrels.

Extensive decking in Sherwood Park Off-Leash Paradise

A notable investment was made to put in stairs, decking, and rails in many parts of the park. This helps make the trail usable all year round, keeping you and your dog clean and safe.

Burke Creek in Sherwood Park Off-Leash Paradise

Burke Brook is the shallow stream going through the forest and is part of the Don River water shield. Dogs love to play in the water, and it seems clean enough to drink. There are no fountains, so bring water with you if you don't trust the quality of the stream water.

Dog running in Sherwood Park Off-Leash Paradise

Plenty of wooden stairs in Sherwood Park Off-Leash Paradise

Tree stumps for stools in Sherwood Park Off-Leash Paradise

The only place to sit down is along the water's edge, where there are tree stumps. 

Drain tunnel in Sherwood Park Off-Leash Paradise

The trail ends at Bayview Ave. Follow the turnaround path near the drain tunnel. The trail is a loop, so turn right after the drain tunnel and continue to choose the path on your left to return to the starting point. 

Tired after playing with friends in Sherwood Park Off-Leash Paradise


If the walk is too short for you, there are a few ways you can lengthen your hike. 

Sherwood Park

Instead of going back to your car, walk along Burke Brook, passing the playground, waterpark, picnic area, and public washroom. When you get to Blythwood Drive, take the path on the far side of the stream back to the parking lot.

Hike 1 km along Burke Brook in Sherwood Park

If you have young children or puppies, this is a perfect 1 km walk.

Children's playground and washroom in Sherwood Park Off-Leash Paradise

Picnic tables in Sherwood Park Off-Leash Paradise

Sunnybrook Park

Sunnybrook Park is on the other side of Bayview Ave. The only safe way To cross this busy street is to make a detour to the crosswalk. Or, read my blog about another hike you can take: Sunnybrook Off-Leash Park.

Sunnybrook Park is across Bayview Ave from Sherwood Park. Cross safely.

Blythwood Ravine

The ravine continues on the other side of Blythwood Drive as well. A future blog post will document this hike.


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