Parkwoods Village

Brookbanks Park

Next to the forest is green space connecting a village.

Black dog in front of Brookbanks Park sign

My beloved neighbourhood park is so large that I need to publish a second entry to show additional paths you can take.

The plaza

Parkwoods Village is actually a shopping plaza that provides many of the services needed to satisfy a large community. A grocery store, drug store, laundromat, cafe, and more. Surrounding the plaza is a vast park and forest. The trails connect many streets to schools, a library, and playgrounds.

Suggested walk

Map showing a suggested route through Parkwoods

Perhaps while waiting for your laundry to finish or a prescription to be filled, you can take a relaxing 2 km hike.

For this route, start at Pizza Pizza (1277 York Mills Rd Unit #9) in Parkwoods Village. Cross Brookbanks Drive, and you'll be on the trail.

From Pizza Pizza, go down the stairs, cross the road and walk along the path.

The paved path follows a ditch and has several bridges and connections to streets in the neighbourhood.

Ditch with water that runs alongside the paved path in Brookbanks Park.

Follow the trail until it ends at the high school, Victoria Park Collegiate Institute.

Victoria Park High School is connected to Brookbanks Park.

At this point, you'll be near Cassandra Blvd, and you might want to stop and enjoy the park. There's a children's playground, indoor tennis courts, a running track, and a school garden.

Children's playground on Cassandra Drive in Brookbanks Park next to the Victoria Park High School

When my son was young, we would play T-Ball in this park.

Exit the park through the school parking lot and continue through the trail between two houses.

From the school's driveway, the path continues between two houses.

This leads you to a fantastic green space with a paved path running through it. The backyards of the houses on either side of the trail have gates in their fences to allow them easy access to this park.

Green space between houses that makes up Brookbanks Park.

The trail curves to the right and takes you to Wallingford Road.

Paved path ends at Wallingford Road.

Cross Wallingford Road to continue your walk through Brookbanks Park.

Cross the road, and you are in the park behind Crestwood Preparatory school.

Brookbanks park connects with Crestwood Prep School.

Cross Brookbanks Drive, and you'll be at the Don Mills Library and back at Parkwoods Village.


Lucy loves the Canadian Geese that hang around the school.

Canadian geese flying next to covered tennis court in Brookbanks Park.

In the middle of March, I noticed many fat Robins.

Fat robin in a tree in Brookbanks Park.

And posing Cardinals.

Cardinal in his favourite bush in Brookbanks Park.

Off-Leash Opportunities

I feel comfortable letting Lucy off-leash in this area to chase squirrels as the trails are far enough away from streets, and she comes to me to be leashed up when she's asked. When I walk the paths, there are usually only dog owners, but if there were others, I'd be more cautious about letting Lucy off.

Brookbanks Forest

For information on walking in the Brookbanks Forest, see my blog, Brookbanks Park.


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