Duncairn Park

Part of the Planned Community of Don Mills

Green spaces, natural watercourses, and pedestrian routes

Photo by Alan L Brown - Posted March, 2004 of Don Mills Plaque

Duncairn Park is next to Bond Park, which I've mentioned in a few blog posts. This area of Toronto was the first phase of the planned Don Mills community. It was built between 1953 and 1965, and its award-winning design was replicated in many suburban developments in the country since then. 


I found this information on the Don Mills Residence website that describes the philosophy behind the Don Mills planned neighbourhoods:

Rather than single-family homes overlooking parkland, semi-detached houses were planned on sub-collector roads which joined The Donway. This enabled more residents to enjoy a view of the park or the ravine from their kitchen windows and compensated for their location on roads with higher traffic use. A system of walkways bordering the parks and schools encouraged pedestrian traffic off the main roads.

Suggested route

Park at Bond Park (120 Bond Ave, Toronto, Ontario, Canada) to begin the walk.

Map of suggested route to explore Duncairn Park, Toronto Ontario.

Go south on the Don Mills Trail until you come to the first park. 

Don Mills Trail marker that starts trail from Bond Park to Duncairn Park, Don Mills

The park on the left is Duncairn and has a children's playground.

Playground in Duncairn Park

Follow the trail on the left, and you'll come to Norman Ingram Public School. My son went to the Blue Wave Daycare that is located in the school. Walking in this neighbourhood brings back many fond memories. 

Paved path with mature trees next to Norman Ingram School, Duncairn Park, Toronto

Mature trees line the paved path, and a tunnel was built so you can get to the other side without crossing the street.

Tunnel under the road to make walking in Duncairn park easy and safe.

In my opinion, the city needs many more of these tunnels!

Even though the houses were built in the 50s and 60s, many of the homes have been updated and are incredible.

Continue following the trail, and you'll see a small stream runs through the park.

Stream going through Duncairn Park.

Perhaps a few birds.

Male cardinal in a tree in Duncairn Park

And then you'll come to train tracks, and you'll be back to the parking lot.

This loop is only 2 km in length, and you'll often see joggers on the trails. 

Off-leash opportunities

I did let Lucy chase squirrels when we visited the park. The few people walking the path tolerated her, but be careful to respect others who are using the trails. 

The most tempting place to let a dog off is near the end of the walk by the train tracks. There are many gaps in the fence, and the tracks are live, so be extra careful.

Loop around Bond Park

If you want a place for your dog to run, I suggest you follow the details in a previous blog to take your dog behind the tennis courts and ball diamonds. The fence in this area is not broken, so you can feel safe.

Visit the Shops on Don Mills

When you first arrive in Duncairn Park, you can take a path to the right to get to the Don Way West behind the Don Mills Library. You'll be a short distance from the Shops on Don Mills, where you can use the washroom or sit on the patio for a beverage.

Walk to Donalda Golf Course

The Donalda Golf Course is a short distance away via Chipping Road. To get there, you must be on the other side of Don Mills Road and the other side of the train tracks. To get there safely, use the path from the Duncairn Park to Don Mills and cross at Chipping Road.  

Map showing route to walk to Chipping Park to access the Donalda Golf Club

The golf course is open to everyone during the winter. During golf season, you can't walk on the course, but you can use the trail through the golf course between Chipping Park and Three Valleys Drive. 


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