Evergreen Brickworks

Socialize your dog in a historic setting

From a brick factory to an environmental showcase

There are many reasons to visit Evergreen Brickworks as often as possible, especially for a dog lover. Play in the off-leash dog park, walk the trails, enjoy a snack on the outdoor patio, or join up with other trails that are easy to reach from this site.

Off-leash playground

The off-leash park is quite a treat. There are mature trees, rocks, and a pond giving your dog plenty of experiences. We always start our visit to Evergreen Brickworks in this playground and have met many friendly dog-walkers and dogs over the years.

Dogs socializing off-leash at the Evergreen Brickworks dog park.


There are many paid parking spots available. At times I've had trouble paying because of broken machines, but these problems are usually fixed during the busy season. It does get quite busy on weekends when there are children's programs and a farmers market, so keep that in mind when you are planning your visit.

Suggested Route

It's roughly a 2 km walk if you travel all the trails within Evergreen with the highlight being the lookout point where you can see the Toronto skyline.

Lookout point in Evergreen Brickworks that shows the Toronto city line.

Evergreen connects to many other trails, so I suggest a loop that takes you onto the Beltline Trail.

Suggested 3 km hiking route that takes you through the trails in Evergreen Brickworks and the nearby Beltline Trail.

Evergreen Trails

The trails wind over the pond and river, next to the marsh and through the forest.

Photo showing the winding trails you can walk when visiting the Evergreen Brickworks property.

Explore all the trails and follow the well-marked signs throughout.

Sign at Evergreen Brickworks with trail details.


On every visit I've made to Evergreen, I've met amazing people, and my dog was able to meet families, children, and other dogs. This is a perfect location for you to introduce your pet to many valuable life experiences. 


I was only able to get a photo of a female cardinal, but there are plenty of birds enjoying this natural setting. 

Female cardinal along the Evergreen Brickworks Trails.

We also saw ducks on the pond and fish in the pond, so keep an eye out for all the wild creatures you can encounter on your visit.


More trails are continually being created, so we've often seen workers and machines on the property.

Construction on the trails will lead to expanded hiking options.

Coffee Break

Enter the main building for washrooms, a gift shop, and a coffee shop. Unfortunately, no pets allowed.

Stop by the main Evergreen building for a coffee, snack or to visit the shops.

But there is a waiting area for your dog. Tie your dog next to the patio if you plan to sit while you eat or drink.

Waiting spot for your dog while you're indoors.


Clay was discovered in the 1880s by farmers in the area. They began a brickmaking factory that supplied the bricks for many essential buildings in Toronto that were built after a big fire in 1904. For more details on the history, see the Hiking the GTA blog post,  Don Valley Brickworks

Historic buildings on the property of Evergreen Brickworks.

Modernization of the area began in the 1990s by Evergreen and continues into the future with many exciting plans. 

New projects are continually starting to integrate nature into the city.

On your walk, you'll see many of the original buildings along with signs and historic photographs to help you understand the interesting history of the area.

Historic photos inside the buildings teach you the history of the Brickworks Factory.


The gardens are extensive and beautiful in every season. Six themed gardens feature native plants. Learn more on the Plant Positivity Gardens website.

Extensive gardens on the property are themed and feature native plants.


You'll see artwork throughout your walk like this beautiful mosaic that was made during a children's program. Much of the art exhibits are off-limits to dogs, so you'll have to make time to visit without your pet if you want to see them.

Mosaic artwork that can be seen at Evergreens.

Nearby artwork

If you walk north along Bayview Ave outside of Evergreen, you'll see murals painted on the massive concrete pillars of a train bridge. 

Murals painted on the train bridges along Bayview Ave, near Brickworks.

Alternate starting points

There are so many trails that connect to Evergreen that they've created a map to show how to get here by walking or using transit. 

Future blog entries will explore the adjoining trails. So be sure to subscribe, so you don't miss a single adventure.


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