Don Mills Trail - Bond Park to York Mills

Also known as the Don Mills Leaside Spur Trail

The trail is built on an abandoned train track that used to be called the Don Mills Leaside Spur. Hence the two names.

This trail runs between Don Mills Road and Leslie Street from York Mills in the north and nearly to Eglinton in the south. Roughly parallel to Leslie, it is 3 km in length.

You could consider this a boring trail because it is so straight with no forest or body of water along the trail. Instead of a straight walk from one end to the other and back, I suggest several visits that include loops in neighbouring parks.

North to York Mills

The first hike is along the newest part of the trail. My suggested loop is roughly 3 km in length. The traffic in this section is pretty light, so if you have control over your dog, this is the only section of the trail where I'd suggest letting your dog off-leash.

Map of trail from Bond Park to York Mills Road along a dog-friendly trail in Toronto.

This stretch runs parallel to Scarsdale Road, where there are industrial buildings, after-school programs, and fitness centers. Perhaps you can take your dog for a walk on this trail while a family member is busy.


Although there is parking at both ends, I recommend parking at Bond Park (120 Bond Ave, North York, ON M3B 1C9). There are many baseball diamonds and tennis courts in this park, so there is plenty of room if you visit off-season.

Entrance to the Bond Park parking lot.

The northern point of the trail is also the Longo's plaza. Their parking lot is overcrowded, so best avoided.

The trail

Walk north to York Mills Road. The trail is so flat and straight, you can see if others are walking on the path. If you're walking on a quiet day, it may be safe to let your dog off-leash.

Traffic can be heavy at times with joggers, cyclists, skaters, and pedestrians. Be sure to keep your dog on-leash when busy to avoid collisions.

Don Mills Trail going north from Bond Park.

At the Longo's Plaza, you'll be behind the LCBO and a short walk from Second Cup. Cross the bridge on York Mills to reach a Tim Horton's on the north side and a Starbucks on the south.

York Mills bridge underpass to the Longo's Plaza.

While walking, keep an eye out for birds,  I've seen Blue Jays, Cardinals, and a Cooper's Hawk along this section of the trail.

Cooper's Hawk flying above the Rogers property next to the trail from Bond Park to York Mills Road.

Behind the Ball Diamonds

On your way back from York Mills, take the unofficial side trail to the back of Bond Park.

Dog looking at the path behind the Bond Park baseball diamonds which makes for a fun off-leash run.

This takes you behind all the ball diamonds and the tennis courts. The area between the fence on the left and the ball diamonds makes a nice little run for your dog. Visit when baseball is not in season for your best bet for off-leash play.

Dog chasing a squirrel along a fence behind the ball diamonds in Bond Park.

The trail brings you to Duncairn Park, which is connected to Bond Park via the parking lot. Continue exploring or come back another day.

See future posts for the trails south of Bond Park that connect many local parks you may wish to visit: Duncairn Park, Talwood Park, and Rippleton Park. 


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