Don Mills Trail - Bond Park to Shops on Don Mills

Socialize your pet while browsing at a great outdoor shopping center

Grab a snack, meet friends, or do some shopping

Although you could simply park at CF Shops on Don Mills, I decided to document this loop beginning at Bond Park to show the different options that are available to make The Don Mills Trail more interesting.

Black bernedoodle dog in front of the marker for the Don Mills Trail in Toronto.

Suggested Route

By walking from Bond Park to the shopping center, you can turn your hike into a beautiful 5 km route. 

Map showing the suggested route for this hike.


In the winter there is plenty of parking at Bond Park. The park has many baseball diamonds, so during baseball season, the lot might fill up.

Photo showing the entrance to Bond Park and the overpass where the trail begins.

After joining the Don Mills trail, walk south on the paved trail. This part of the path can get pretty busy with cyclists and pedestrians, so keep your dog on-leash to be safe. 

I like walking this part of the trail in the winter because I can see the beautiful homes that are next to the path. Many of the houses on either side of the trail have been upgraded with beautiful gardens. Some have extended their gardens onto the public area with birdhouses and statues. 

A blue birdhouse hung on a tree beside the Don Mills Trail in Toronto.


There are many birds to see in this area, including cardinals, chickadees, nuthatches, woodpeckers, and blue jays.

Lawrence Ave

Cross Lawrence Ave, turn left and stay on Lawrence Ave until you reach The Don Way West.

Bike friendly intersection at Lawrence and the Don Mills Trail.

Future blog entries will provide details for the other choices you can make at this point.

Pet Valu

The plaza at the intersection of The Don Way West and Lawrence has a Pet Valu. I always like to stop in to get a small treat for Lucy. 

CF Shops on Don Mills

This is an outdoor mall, so dogs are allowed if on a leash. Dogs are not permitted inside the food venues, but maybe you can take them into some of the stores. I didn't attempt to go into any of the shops with Lucy but did use the washroom.

Dog next to a chair in the center square of the CF Shops on Don Mills, Toronto.

When the weather is warm, you can sit at an outside table with your dog to share a snack.

Special Events

There are seasonal events in the center of the square. In the winter there is a skating rink. Dogs are not allowed on the rink but can watch the skaters. In the summer there is often live music that you can enjoy with your pet.

When you have finished your visit, use the same route to return to your car.


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