Bluffers Beach

Spectacular bluffs and a vast beach

This is another jewel of the city. You get a beach, forest, and beautiful scenery. 

There is a vast area to cover, so I'll break this hike into a few posts. This post focuses on the beach part of the park.

Catherdral bluffs and sandy beach in Bluffers Park Toronto. A great dog-friendly trail in Toronto

The first step is to get to the right parking lot. Drive south on Brimley Road until it ends, then stay to the left until you see the parking lot for the Bluffers Beach as shown in the map:

Map showing the directions to Bluffers Beach

Once you've parked, you'll see a forked path: left goes through a forest, right goes to the beach. Let's start with the beach as your dog is likely already excited about the water.

Map showing the trail route on the bluffers beach and nearby forest on Lake Ontario in Toronto

There isn't an official off-leash area in the park from what I've seen, but in the winter, the only ones using the beach are dog owners. 

Dogs playing in Lake Ontario in Bluffers Park, Toronto.

It can get frigid on a blustery day, and some of the trails have burrs and seeds that want to attach to your dog. 

Strong winds make for large waves on Bluffers Beach Toronto

The beach is nearly deserted from Labour Day until Victoria Day.

Beaches are deserted on cold days when dog-lovers want to visit.

So, why not chase the birds.

Dog chasing seagulls on Bluffers Beach Toronto

And dig in the sand.

Dog digging in the sand on Lake Ontario in Bluffers Beach Toronto

 And enjoy the scenery.

Fall foliage on the bluffs of Bluffers Beach in Toronto

Bluffs next to Lake Ontario in Bluffers Beach, Toronto

And get your feet wet.

Bernedoodle black Dog playing in the sand and water on Bluffers Beach Lake Ontario, Toronto

And maybe see some Monarch butterflies.

Monarch butterfly in the sand found in Bluffers Beach Toronto

When you get tired of the beach and water, turn left into the forest and walk back to the parking lot.

Watch for future posts to extend your hike in this fabulous park.


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