Taylor Creek Park

The Taylor Creek Park from Dawes Road

This is a long, flat trail that runs from Dawes Road to Don Mills Road. 

The park connects many neighbourhoods and parks, so it is often busy. If you're someone who lives within walking distance, you're sure to know much more about this park than I ever will.

Sign near Victoria Park for Taylor Creek Park in Toronto.


Regardless of the season, the scenic river and surrounding trees make this park quite beautiful.

Fall photo of Taylor Creek in Toronto.

Winter photo of Taylor Creek in Toronto


For those of us who live further away, there are parking lots at both ends of the trail, making it very convenient for visits with your dog.

Parking lot at Dawes Road for visitors to the Taylor Creek Park.


Along the path, you'll see signs for cyclists, so you'll quickly realize that this is a "bike highway," and you're likely to encounter cyclists traveling at high speeds. In parks like this, I highly recommend that you keep your dog on a leash.

Signs for cycling paths along Taylor Creek.

Unpaved trail

If you walk on the side of the river where the paths are unpaved, you'll think you're on the "dog highway." This is an unofficial off-leash area, and you're likely to meet many dogs on even the shortest walk.

Black dog beside river in Taylor Creek Park.

Mountain bikers like the unpaved routes as well, so be cautious regardless of where you are.

Hydro towers

The nearby hydro towers are becoming popular with dog walkers as well. This trail is parallel to the paved path on the south side of the park. The trail is narrower, but you're likely only to meet dog-friendly people.

Hydro towers near Taylor Creek where people walk their dogs.

If you simply walk one way,  the trail is nearly 6 km. That might be too long for many people and dogs. The route I document here is shorter and loops you back to your starting point,

Trail details

For this walk, start at Dawes Road (260 Dawes Rd, East York, ON M4C 5C4). I'll write another blog about the trail starting from Don Mills.

Walk west along the paved path until the first bridge. Cross the bridge and continue going west along an unpaved trail. Keep the river to your left.

Black dog on a bridge over Taylor Creek in Toronto.

This side of the trail may allow you to let your dog run off-leash. The creek seems clean and is easily accessible, so if your dog likes getting wet, that's likely going to happen.

Beach along Taylor Creek that dogs like to play in.

For a 4 km loop, turn back after crossing the bridge that is across from the staircase to Notley Place.

Bridge and staircase along the unpaved path of Taylor Creek, Toronto

This is before you go under the vast O'Connor Drive bridge.

O'Connor Bridge from the Taylor Creek Trail in Toronto.

You'll be near Stan Wadlow Park, which is a place I haven't yet visited.

Map showing loop from Dawes Road parking lot in Taylor Creek.


When you get back to the parking lot, I suggest that you continue along the river and cross the bridge that takes you to the other side of Dawes Road. The land between Dawes Road and Victoria Park are wetlands. Areas like this typically attract many birds. I didn't see any during my visit, but the swamp looks well-suited for many marsh birds.

Sign for wetlands in Taylor Creek, Toronto.

Golf Course

As mentioned in another entry, golf courses are open to the public during the winter. I was hoping to find an easy path into the golf course from Taylor Creek Park but wasn't able to find one. It seems you need to cross Victoria Park to get there. On another day, I'll explore the area more thoroughly.

Picnic areas

There are benches and large rocks throughout the park where you can stop for a rest or a snack.

Picnic area in Taylor Creek.


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