Kew Gardens Dog Park

Winter on the beach

Experience the Winter Stations

We went to the beach on a cold day in late February. Days like this attract a special kind of person who is usually accompanied by a friendly dog.

Off-Leash Park

Our first stop was the Kew Gardens Dog Park. Most of the beach is open to dogs in the winter, but many people wish to have their dogs play in the fenced area for safety.

Fenced area for Kew Gardens off-leash dog park on the Toronto Beaches.

You still get full access to the beach from the dog park and can also see the faraway CN Tower.

View of Toronto skyline from Woodbine Beach.

Once outside the dog park, there are the usual fun things to do. Like, sit in a Muskoka chair.

Dog standing on a very large red muskoka chair in the winter on the Toronto beach.

Play with friends

It doesn't matter how cold it is, you're sure to find many friends to play with.

Regardless of the weather, you'll find plenty of dogs to play with off leash on the Toronto Beach.

Admire the trees

I see something new every time I visit the beach. I really like the way this tree grew. And when did this table and chair get installed? I love the creativity of people in the city.

Beautiful tree on the Toronto Beach with a table and chair made from tree trunks.

Admire the sky over Lake Ontario

The lake is always mesmerizing to me, but the clouds make it even more so.

Cold cloudy days on the Toronto Beach are beautiful when looking over Lake Ontario.

Walk along the boardwalk

An empty boardwalk is rare, so enjoy it when it happens! 

Boardwalk on the Toronto beach is snow covered and empty of people.

Winter Stations 2020

Visit the artwork that is part of Winter Stations 2020. This is an international competition and exhibition which is on until the end of March. This is my first time hearing about this event even though it's in its 6th year.

The Beach's Percussion Ensemble by Centennial College

The Beach's Percussion Ensemble by Centennial College

Mirage by Cristina Vega and Pablo Losa Fontangordo

Mirage by Cristina Vega and Pablo Losa Fontangordo

Kaleido­scope of the Senses by Charlie Sutherland of SUHUHA

Kaleido­scope of the Senses by Charlie Sutherland of SUHUHA


We like to park on Neville Park Blvd to maximize our walk. Our walk from the car to the Winter Stations and back ended up being just over 5 km. The wind was coming from the west, so the walk to Woodbine Beach was challenging. The walk back to the car was much more enjoyable.

Walking in frozen sand and unplowed snow make walking a bit more complicated, so we were both pretty worn out when we got back to the car.

You can park much closer to Kew Gardens on any of the nearby streets. Parking in the winter is effortless, but in the summer or on warm weekends, it will be more difficult.

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