Sunnybrook Park to Glendon Campus

In March, I published a blog about a hike from the Sunnybrook Off-Leash Dog park. This blog also starts at the dog park, but the walk goes in the other direction to York University Glendon Campus.

Suggested Route

Sunnybrook Dog Park

Park in a lot near the dog park. If you arrive from Leslie Street, park near the Sunnybrook Stables. If you come from Bayview, park near the trailhead.

Sunnybrook Dog Park

Sunnybrook Off-Leash Dog Park is extremely popular. There is a particular area for small dogs, so don't feel intimidated by all the large dogs in this photo. There are benches to sit in the shade and a water tap to give drinks to the dogs.

Glendon Forest

Leave the dog park from the gate nearest to the parking lot. With the river to your right, walk onto the trail directly ahead of you. The trail is not paved but is well worn. 

Sunnybrook to Glendon Campus

You can stay on the main path throughout this hike, but Lucy and I took the smaller footpath along the river. This allowed Lucy to visit the river and avoided cyclists or joggers who may be using the main trail.

Glendon Forest

The trail along the river may be less official, but it is well maintained with bridges and boardwalks where needed.

Glendon Forest and Don River

The river is shallow enough for a dog to walk in the water, but not deep enough to swim.

Don River

The trail takes you through a marshy area where red-winged blackbirds are often spotted.

Glendon Forest Marsh

As you get close to the campus, you'll see the university's buildings and sports fields. 

Glendon Campus York University

At two points along this hike, you'll see fences blocking bridges to the east side of the river. There are well-established trails on that side of the river, but signs say the trails are off-limits due to overuse. 

Gate in Glendon Forest

I suggest you turn back once you get to the bridge to the university's parking lot. The only garbage bin we found on this walk was in the parking lot.

Glendon Campus Parking Lot

After turning around, you can take the same route back to the dog park. Since we found the gate to the east side of the river open, we chose to cross and walk back on those trails.

Dogs playing in Glendon Forest

We weren't the only ones on the east side. Lucy met several other off-leash dogs, which she was happy to run with. 

Dogs Playing in Glendon Forest

Park maintenance staff often get creative when making improvements to the trails.

Glendon Forest

The trail is easy until the very end. You'll need to hike up a steep hill. Once at the top, you'll see a path that takes you right to the stables. 

Glendon Forest

Sunnybrook Stables

Trail Extensions

Explore the Campus

To extend this walk, visit the fields and buildings at the university. There is a large field near the tennis courts where we've met up with other dogs playing fetch. 

Walk past Mansions

Instead of turning back at the campus, continue through the university's parking lot, pass the Crestwood School, and walk along Lawrence Street East. Turn right on Park Lane Circle and admire the mansions. Turn right on Glenorchy Road and continue to the end where you'll find a trail to Sunnybrook Park near the cricket fields. 


Enjoy your hike! When you post photos to Instagram, tag us at @hikingtoronto or #hikingtorontowithlucy.


  1. These are not off-leash areas and people doing so should be fined as per city bylaw. This area is home to many birds and water fowl. The off-leash dogs disrupt the natural ecosystem and scare the other animals. Barriers have been put up so people to protect the flora and fauna. People and their dogs shouldn't go there.


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