Earl Bales Dog Park and York Cemetery

A visit to the dog park followed by a walk through a forest

Sign for Earl Bales Park

Recommended route

The route I recommend is a 3 km loop. Use the parking lot for the Earl Bales Dog Park that is located on Don River Blvd.

Map to the Don River Blvd parking lot for the Earl Bales off-leash dog park.

Map for trail from Earl Bales Dog Park to York Cemetery

Dog Park

Start your visit at the off-leash dog park. This is one of the better dog parks I've seen as it is large and has a run in the forest for dogs to chase each other. 

Dogs playing in the Earl Bales Dog Park

Dogs socializing at the Earl Bales Dog Park

Burnett Park

After visiting the dog park, cross the bridge and walk down Don River Blvd to Burnett Park.

Walking across the bridge over the Don River on Don River Blvd

Sign for Burnett Park, the starting point to the York Cemetery trail

You'll walk through what feels like a secret neighbourhood. Turn right onto the path just past the last house.

The trail to the York Cemetery from Earl Bales

York Cemetery

Follow the paved path up the hill.

Part of the trail is paved to the York Cemetery from Earl Bales

A scenic lookout on the trail to the York Cemetery from Earl Bales Park

This path takes you directly to York Cemetery. Follow the trail beside the Cemetery until it ends at a fence.
York Cemetery with a forest next to it

There are many access points into the forest, so feel free to choose where you want to enter. We went right to the end to make sure we covered as much ground as possible.

Forest next to the York Cemetery

Fence and sign for entry to the York Cemetery and forest

Play with friends and follow the many trails through the forest. The trails are well maintained, but steep in a few places. There are so many routes through the forest that if you think one path is too steep, choose another. 

Dogs socializing in the forest next to the York Cemetery

Wooden docks and boardwalks over slippery areas of the forest trail

The path ends in Burnett Park near where you started. We wandered around and found a public washroom and several picnic areas. 
Public washrooms next to the York Cemetery Forest and Earl Bales Dog Park

Picnic area in Burnett Park near Earl Bales Dog park and York Cemetery

Alternate routes

Earl Bales Dog Park is a great starting point for several hikes. Watch for further posts on different options.


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